Single women saving money for old age falsely labelled a security threat

In a clear case of discrimination against harmless single women professionals, powerful corrupt indian intelligence and security agency employees are falsely labelling harmless single women engineers who have saved some money for their old age, as a security threat without any legally valid proof. These selfish greedy government employees are only looking at the amount saved in the bank account and other assets linked to a PAN number they are not considering that the future prospects for these single women are extremely bleak compared to married couples and government employees.
Most married couples have children who will take care of them in their old age, or at least help them financially to some extent. The couples are spending money in their youth on their children, so they do not have many savings, however the children are their investment
Government employees may not be getting a very high salary, however their job is very secure and they will get a pension in their old age.
On the other hand , a single woman small business owner or professional is not guaranteed any income as india has no social security system , she has to rely almost entirely on her savings when business conditions are not favorable, when she is unwell or in her old age.
It also very difficult for middle aged women to get any job however experienced or hard working they may be
So naturally when a single woman is young, she will save more money, as she is aware of the fact that she has no support system in her old age. However the hysterical paranoid, dishonest indian intelligence and security agencies are extremely irrational, dishonest, refuse to acknowledge the harsh reality of living in india for private citizens, falsely label a harmless single woman engineer as a security threat without a any proof at all, to deny her fundamental right to privacy, to earn a living, steal her retirement savings without a court order or legally valid reason.

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