Risk of investing money in NSC/KVP

Most financial advisors and indian citizens are not aware of the risk of investing money in National Saving Certificate , Kisan Vikas Patra
Allegedly indian security and intelligence agencies especially CBI are stealing the NSC/KVP certificates of harmless indian citizen,especially those who are not well connected to blackmail them to agree to identity theft, cause financial losses . It is very difficult to get a duplicate copy of the stolen NSC/KVP certificate because an indian government employee has to stand surety in addition to other procedures. For a large amount, it is difficult to get a government employee with a high salary to waste his or her time to come to the post office and complete the procedures
If bank FDs are stolen , a government employee is usually not required to stand guarantor, private citizens can help.
Many are preferring mutual funds because theft of documents, does not affect the liquidity of the investment
The mainstream media in India refuses to cover the news of the fraud of indian intelligence and security agencies stealing KVP/NSC certificates , so those who are not well connected make the mistake of investing their hard earned money in KVP/NSC

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