Employees making crores as salaries deserve it, citizens making thousands are a security threat without any proof

One of the greatest frauds of google, tata is how they have persuaded the extremely corrupt dishonest indian security and intelligence employees to label well qualified hardworking indian citizens making a few thousands a month as a security threat to defame, torture and harass them, while ensuring that employees making crores annually do not face any harassment.
The security agency, cbi,ntro employees making fake allegations of a harmless citizen being a security threat do not have to provide any proof, or justify their fake allegations in an open debate, they just repeat their lies like parrots for 7 years, and it is considered the truth by the indian government, who allow these security agency employees to waste any amount of tax payer money to harass, stalk and torture harmless citizens
This clearly indicates that large companies are influencing government policies to an extent which cannot be tolerated as the rules they are making are extremely unfair, treating small business owners as second class citizens, openly discriminating against them

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